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You have reached the MusiCube - a special place for you to play around and literally change your perspective on the music you're making. What we've done is that we've taken a normal 2D sequencer and added a third dimension to it.

As with a standard 2D sequencer time moves from left to right, and tones from top to bottom. This sequencer however can be rotated and what you - the composer - see, you will also hear. Create a melody, and then hear how it sounds straight on, then from the side, or why not upside down?


Play / pause Space bar

Draw / erase Mouse click
Change depth slice Scroll
Rotate W, A, S, D, Q, E

Randomize note R
Clear song C

Alternative draw controls Arrow keys + enter

Use your mouse to create your melody. Click to add or remove notes, and scroll to change the depth in which to draw. You'll see the effect of the depth once you rotate the MusiCube.

The smaller cube on the right is there to help you stay oriented.


MusiCube was created by this sweet trio:



External MIDI

MusiCube can send data to external audio software applications via MIDI messages. This way you can record your songs and synthesize your own sounds.